Mazi Kanya Bhagyashri Scheme by Maharashtra Government

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Mazi Kanya Bhagyashri Scheme by Maharashtra Government

Mazi kanya Bhagyashri Scheme by Maharashtra Government / Bhagyashri Scheme by Maharashtra Government

माझी कन्या भाग्यश्री योजना ( महारष्ट्र सरकार )

गरिबी रेखे खालच्या कुटुंबातील मुलींसाठी, महारष्ट्र सरकारने भाग्यश्री योजना (Bhagyashri Scheme by Maharashtra Government) सुरु केलीय. हि योजना सरकारची जुनी योजना “सुकन्या योजना ” चे रूप आहे. महाराष्ट्राचे मुख्यमंत्री श्री देवेंद्र फडणवीस यांनी मार्च २०१५ मध्ये भाग्यश्री योजनेची सुरुवात केली. (Mazi Kanya Bhagyashri Scheme by Maharashtra Government)

भाग्यश्री योजनेनुसार, महाराष्ट्र सरकार गरिबी रेखे खालील कुटुंबातील मुलीच्या खात्यात २१,२०० रुपये जमा करतील.
मुलगी १८ वर्षाची झाल्यावर तिला ह्या खात्यावरील जमा झालेले १ लाख रुपये तिला मिळतील.

Maharashtra Government launched a scheme “Mazi Kanya Bhagyashri Scheme by Maharashtra Government” for the girl child born in Below Poverty Line (BPL) families. Chief Minister Shri. Devendra ji Fadnvis launched this scheme on March 2015.

The governments old scheme “Sukanya Scheme” is redesigned and re-launched as “Mazi Kanya Bhagyashri Yojana”.

As per the scheme, the state government supposed to deposit Rs. 21,200 in girl child account born in Below Povert Line (BPL) family. The Scheme aims at providing Rs. 1,00,000 on maturity after the girl completes age of 18 years.

Some of the key features of this scheme are:
Reward for Mothers: Parents of the girl child are awarded staggered financial incentives for retaining girl child, educating girl child and ensuring proper nutrition.
Reward for Girl Child: At age of 18, Girl Child is provided 1 Lakh rupees for Skill Development and Higher Education which shall ensure employability and dedicated income in future provided she is not married by then.
Reward for Grandmother: In many families, the parents have pressure from In-Laws for a son. In order to combat that, the Paternal Grandmother shall be awarded gold coin and certificate by Hon. Minister, WCD Dept.
Reward for Village: Any Village which achieves Child Sex Ratio of more than 1000 shall receive 5,00,000 award from Hon. Minister, WCD Dept.
Under this scheme, Govt. will cover Girls of Above Poverty Line (APL) Families with an insurance of Rs.21,200/-

You can check it in your Gram Panchayat or in  nearest branch of SBI for application form.
सुकन्या समृद्धी योजने च्या माहिती करीता जवळच्या स्टेट बँकेला भेटा . अधिक माहिती करिता ह्या लिंक वर क्लिक करा

Hope this information helps you. I am trying to get more and clear information on application form and let you know soon. Cheers !!!

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